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ISAKOS and JISAKOS – shifting gears, picking up steam and moving forward
  1. Marc R Safran
  1. Correspondence to Dr Marc R Safran, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA 94304, USA; msafran{at}

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Welcome to Volume 3 of JISAKOS. This is an exciting time for ISAKOS and our Journal. ISAKOS and JISAKOS continue to grow… and you will notice something different about this issue of JISAKOS: our Journal now includes original research! A very exciting development.

It has long been a wish for all of us at ISAKOS to have our own Journal, and in 2016 we gave birth to the Journal of ISAKOS. Originally, our Journal was limited to State of the Art manuscripts and Systematic Reviews, providing our unique world-wide perspective on topics important to our membership – all aspects of orthopaedic sports medicine and knee surgery. We did this in a way that only our Society can do…a truly international sports medicine Society of the leaders in our field of sports medicine and knee surgery.

JISAKOS is provided in print and online to all our members six times a year. Every 2 months the Journal has published an important and inspiring Editorial, along with averaging four systematic reviews, 2 state of the art papers, and commentaries on a classic article, together with one current concepts article. All papers go through a rigorous peer review process, yet the average time to first decision for all papers is less than a month. From a readership perspective, we have witnessed increased page views, downloads and sessions. The word is getting out: our Journal provides a unique international perspective from experts and …

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