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Medial side knee injuries: simplifying the controversies: current concepts


Injuries to the medial side of the knee (MSK) are the most common knee ligament lesions. Historically, these injuries have been treated conservatively; however, a better understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of the different structures of the MSK have resulted in diverse and controversial opinions about the ideal management of these lesions. A cautious analysis should be done in nomenclature because the same surgical technique principles have been differently named in the literature. The diagnostic process of MSK injuries must involve a critical thinking process to precise those lesions that imply an imminent risk of healing failure. This review article provides an evidence and clinical-based clarification of the controversies regarding injuries to the MSK and proposes an evidence-based algorithm for their management.

  • knee
  • ligament
  • repair / reconstruction
  • evidence based medicine
  • instability
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