Table 1

Summary of key articles used in systematic review

StudyYear of publicationTechniqueShouldersAge in years, mean (range)Massive tears (% of total)Follow-up in month, mean (range)DesignLevel of evidence
Djurasovic et al182001Open8059.030%49 (25–110)Retrospective case seriesIV
Lo and Burkhart302004Arthroscopic1457.679%23.4 (12 to NA)Retrospective case seriesIV
Keener et al242010Arthroscopic2155.6NA36 (24–50)Retrospective case seriesIV
Piasecki et al342010Arthroscopic5454.97%31.1 (12–78)Retrospective case seriesIV
Lädermann et al282011Arthroscopic7460.872%59 (24–120)Retrospective case seriesIV
Hartzler et al222013Open3758 (41–80)16%7.0 (1–14.9)Retrospective case seriesIV
Parnes et al332013Arthroscopic9452 (44–72)54%NA (NA to 12)Retrospective case seriesIV
Chuang et al152014Arthroscopic3269.359%70.3 (13–165)Retrospective case seriesIV
Shamsudin et al382015Arthroscopic5063 (43–80)NA35 (19–45)Cohort studyIII
Skoff402015Open1058 (47–65)0%24 (12–44)Retrospective case seriesIV
  • NA, not available.