Table 2

Medial meniscus tears left in situ

AuthornMean length of tear (mm)Type of tearSelection criteria for treatmentFollow-up (months)Clinical assessmentClinical score/100Pain or mechanical symptoms (%)Meniscectomy or repair (%)Anatomical controlHealingProcedure
Beaufils13238Full thickness tearStable26Yes170Arthroscopy (2) or arthrography (11)61% Healing
38% Partial healing
1% Unhealed
Left untreated
Talley1219<15Full thickness tearStable38021Left untreated
Pierre14609.8±4 (5–20)Full thickness tearStable <2 mm48IKDC17Left untreated
Yagishita184112 (5–25)16 Full thickness tears
25 Incomplete
Stable <15 mm16 (7–41)Yes127.3Arthroscopy54% Healed
7% Partially healed
27% Unhealed
12% Tear extended
Left untreated
Zemanovic228IncompletePartial thickness tear24.6Lysholm92.10Left untreated
Shelbourne17139Full thickness tearStable <10 mm88Questionnaire93.1510.8Left untreated
Lynch109Stable45.6 (36–120)Yes660Left untreated
Weiss56Incomplete tearsPartial thickness tear21.8 (3–50)Lysholm033Arthroscopy50% Healed
50% Unhealed
Left untreated
2Full thickness tearStable27.5 (25–30)0050% Healed
50% Unhealed
Duchman1349.2±2.9Full thickness tears>720Left untreated
67Incomplete tears5.6
Ishinohe118Full thickness tear or incompleteStable16025Arthroscopy50% Healed, 50% unhealedLeft untreated
Vermesan21235–108.3% Radial, 25.5% horizontal, 76.2% longitudinalStable12IKDC95.7Left untreated