Table 1

Criteria used for the assessment of the methodological quality score of relevant studies

A: Are relevant participant characteristics described?
1. Age0/1
2. Gender0/1
3. Level of sports activity (eg, amateur or professional)0/1
4. Time of sports activities (eg, hour/week or min/week)0/1
B: Is a randomisation procedure mentioned and adequate?
1. Is a randomisation procedure mentioned?0/1
2. Random sequence generation0/1
3. Allocation concealment0/1
C: Are the intervention and control groups homogeneous with regard to the participant characteristics? (ie, No imbalances in baseline characteristics)0/1
D: Is a definition for ‘injury’ given?0/1
E: Are testing or intervention procedures described and performed in sufficient detail?
1. Applied preventive measure0/1
2. Time span of intervention0/1
3. Control of compliance to the intervention0/1
F: Blinding of outcome assessment0/1
G: Are the research design and statistical analysis sufficient?
1. Statistical analysis is consistent with the research design0/1
2. Corrected for accurate variables0/1
3. Are all relevant statistical outcomes presented (eg, mean, SD, p value)?0/1
4. Complete outcome data (ie, no attrition/exclusions from the analysis)?0/1
5. Are all relevant findings reported? (ie, No selective reporting)0/1
H: Are the dropouts described for each group separately?0/1