Table 2

Geographical differences in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty based on registry data

RegistryYearTotal (%) Bearing type (%) Fixation (%) Most common prostheses Survival (%)Most common failure modes
UKAPFAFixedMobileCementCementless12310 years123
New Zealand20148.80.87.392.744.155.9OxfordZimmerOxford 388.7PainAseptic looseningInfection
Australia20144.20.451.648.466.733.3ZUKOxfordOxford 385.5Aseptic looseningProgression of OAPain
UK and Wales20148.11.140.558.7 Not provided Oxford 3ZimmerSigma HP87.5Aseptic looseningPainDislocation
Sweden20143.50.46.693.480.419.6OxfordLink SledZUK87.6Aseptic looseningProgression of OAPolyethylene wear
Norway201510. 3OxfordLink Sled82.0Aseptic looseningPainProgression of OA
USA20144.2 No specific details mentioned on UKA in the registry
Canada20140.60.3 No specific details mentioned on UKA in the registry
  • Oxford: Oxford cementless UKA, Oxford 3: Oxford partial knee (cemented).

  • OA, osteoarthritis; PFA, patellofemoral arthroplasty; UKA, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty.