Table 1

Characteristics of the 11 included studies for return to work after total knee arthroplasty (TKA)

Author Country Study design TKA population (n) Age at operation (years) Time to return to work (weeks) Patients who return to work (n, %) Follow-up Risk of bias
Tilbury et al.6 NetherlandsPro 6456.2Mean 12.9 (SD 8.0)89.012 monthsLow
Styron et al.12 USAPro16257.0Median 8.971.04–6 weeks, 3 months and 6 monthsLow
Sankar et al.11 CanadaPro17057.5Median 1285.01, 3, 6 and 12 monthsModerate
Lyall et al.UKRetr 5657.9Median 10 (6-25)71.047–112 monthsHigh
Lombardi et al.14 USARetr49454.0Median 8.9 (0–104)98.01–3 yearsModerate
Kleim et al.13 UKRetr 5054.0Mean 13 (SD 10)82.06 months to 3 years after TKAHigh
Kuijer et al.17 NetherlandsRetr16760.0Median 12–2472.0Minimal follow-up of 2 yearsLow
Jorn et al.16 SwedenRetr162**59.0Two years after TKAModerate
Foote et al.21 UKRetr 4154.1Median 12 (4–52)81.514–61 monthsModerate
Belmont Jr.26 USARetr181 (159 patients)45.7*82.0Two years after TKALow
Clyde et al.15 USARetr 7855.0Median 15.9 (3–52)67.9Minimal follow-up of 2 yearsHigh
  • *Missing data.

  • Pro, prospective cohort study; Retr, retrospective cohort study.