Table 2

Patient-specific factors that were studied for return to work

Outcome measures: prognostic factors (Number of studies) Authors
Patient demographics
Age(11) Til, Sty, San, Lya, Lom, Kle, Kui, Jor, Foo, Bel, Cly
Sex(11) Til, Sty, San, Lya, Lom, Kle, Kui, Jor, Foo, Bel, Cly
BMI(5) Til, Sty, San, Lya, Cly
Education qualification level(3) Til, San, Kle
Marital status(2) Til, San
Motivation to return to work(1) Sty
WAI(1) Kui
Clinical outcome
Kellgren & Lawrence grading system(1) Til
Current knee pain(1) Jor
ASA class(1) Kui
Functional outcome
KOOS(2) Til, Sty, Kui
OKS(2) Til, Foo
WOMAC(3) Sty, San, Foo
SF-12(1) Sty
ASA class(1) Kui
Quality of life
SF-36(1) Til
EQ-5D(1) Til
  • ASA, American Society of Anesthesiologists; EQ-5D, EuroQol five-dimensional questionnaire; KOOS, Knee Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; OKS, Oxford Knee Score; SF-12, Physical and Mental Health Summary score; SF-36, Short-Form (36) Health Survey; WAI, Work Ability Index score; WOMAC, Western Ontario & McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index.