Table 3

Work-related factors that were studied for return to work (RTW)

Outcomes measures (Number of studies) Authors
Socioeconomic factors
Work hours(2) Til, San
Being self-employed or wage earner(3) Til, Kui, Sty
Sick leave before total knee arthroplasty(4) Til, Kle, Kui, Jor
Disability benefits(3) Til, Sty, San
Job sector(1) San
Occupational factors
Job/workplace characteristics(8) Sty, San, Lya, Lom, Kle, Kui, Jor, Cly
Handicap accessible workplace(1) Sty
Physical demands at work(6) San, Lom, Kui, Jor, Foo, Cly
Workplace Activity Limitations Score(1) San
Changes in work pattern(2) Lya, Kui
Employers support for RTW(1) Kle
Improvement at work(3) Kle, Kui, Foo
Military occupational specialty(1) Bel
Military status(1) Bel
Knee-related military separation(1) Bel