Table 1

Characteristics of included studies and patients

Author (year)Study design
(level of evidence)
MINORS score (mean)Sample size (patients/hips)Per cent femaleAge, years, (range) or SDFollow-up time, months, (range) or SD
Abrams et al (2014)16Controlled laboratory study (III)12FAI+OA17/1747.159.2±11.9NR
Bedi et al (2013)10Controlled laboratory study (III)14FAI10/NR023.1±6.4NR
Chinzei et al (2016)11Controlled laboratory study (III)11FAI30/304042 (14–60)NR
OA30/3093.369 (50–80)
Elias-Jones et al (2015)18Controlled laboratory study (III)13FAI10/NRNR36 (20–54)NR
OA10/NRNR39 (32–49)
Fukushima et al (2017)19Prospective controlled study (II)14FAI33/347041.8±2.5NR
Hashimoto et al (2013)12Controlled laboratory study (III)13FAI25/253224.1 (13–37)NR
OA+FAI7/728.652.7 (37–73)
Control3/310028 (15–44)
Shapiro et al (2016)17Retrospective laboratory series (IV)916/167538.9±11.229.9±3.2
  • FAI, femoroacetabular impingement; MINOR, Methodological Index for Non-Randomised Studies; NR, not reported; OA, osteoarthritis.