Table 3

Alternative cryotherapy times and demographics

StudyYear publishedLevel of evidenceParticipantsMean age (years)TherapyCryotherapy time (min)Primary/secondary outcomes
Ascensão et al 46 2011120Not listedCold water immersion10DOMS, biochemical markers, performance tests
Elias et al 47 201312419.9Cold water immersion14Perceived measures, jump performance, repeat sprint testing
Webb et al 48 201322123.5Cold water immersion5PMS, CMJ, CK
Doeringer et al 45 201812220.6Cold water immersion25DOMS, flexibility, CMJ, shuttle, 10 m dash
  • CMJ, countermovement jump height; CK, creatine kinase; DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness; PMS, perceptual muscle soreness.